Haji Ramadhan Ali many years’ experience in the excursion organization is all to the good of the tourists in the island. Thanks to his knowledge of foreign languages, a lot of tourists from Europe apply to him for trips and excursions.
Haji is an institution in Zanzibar tourism. Former students call him Teacher, for his past as a teacher in geography and biology in the local secondary school. When the young beach boys (young guides that tourists can find on the beach) meet him at the Forodhani Gardens respectfully call him Kaka, brother in Swahili.
Everyone can join the excursions, even children. Arranged from the day before, they engage half day or the whole day. Who would like to enjoy the tranquillity of a small resort but without forgoing the acquaintance with other people can join the Agi Tour’s excursions.

The Mangrove’s boat and minibuses rental service enable the guests to discover the island autonomously, in couple or with friends. Haji and Marina will advice you the most interesting places in Zanzibar.
The departure is from The Mangrove Lodge with minibuses (7 or 14-seater) and respective drivers and guides: Haji and his assistant. Haji’s experience in tour organization will assure the guests fun, information and security. He will translate and he will help the guests to negotiate over prices, he will let you taste the local specialities and discover the island for an unforgettable holiday.

Snorkeling in Mnemba

Mnemba island is located 4 km north east from Zanzibar and is surrounded by a turquoise and crystal clear sea and an intact coral reef with a great variety of marine species. That is an unforgettable experience for snorkelling lovers. Mnemba is also one of the best diving spots.
The Dhow, the typical type of boat in Zanzibar, leaves from Matemwe village or from the beach, depending on  the tide.
Since it is a marine park, it is not allowed to land on the island, but you can snorkel all around it.
The first site to dive is in the western part of the island, not far from the beach. The sand is really white!
Then the tour goes on in the southern direction to reach the second area. Coloured fishes, tunas, barracudas, clown fishes, anemones and turtles: a very rich sea life! If there is low tide you can see the rocks coming out of the water and fishermen with their harpoons sailing with their Ngalawa to the land, to the market in Matemwe for the fish auction sale.
After snorkelling you come back to Matemwe within lunch time. You can relax on the beach and see the seaweed cultivation and women picking it up until the tide allows them.

Rate - 35€ (all inclusive)


Chumbe island – the eco-friendly island

The coral park in Chumbe island is located south west from Stone Town, it is a private and untouched marine park with a very rich coral reef full of fish and madreporas. Together with the Chumbe Island Coral Park we organize an all inclusive day to discover the island leaving from Mbweni beach. Guests will be welcomed by the Rangers for a briefing on the activities. Every couple has  a special bungalow facing the sea and built following eco-friendly rules, with local materials without an impact on the environment. Lunch at the restaurant in the lighthouse is included. The Rangers will guide the guests to snorkel on the Reef Sanctuary, a beautiful coral garden inhabited by 400 fish species, turtles and dolphins, and to visit the charming Closed Forest Reserve, a coral forest. Walking on a variety of paths you will discover a unique fauna and flora.
The tour will end on the Mbweni beach at 5.30 p.m.

Rate - 85€ (all inclusive)


Tumbatu island

Tumbatu is the third biggest island in the Zanzibar archipelago and it is located north west from Unguja. Historically it is a poor and isolated place, even if it is only 2km far from the Zanziba coast and therefore it has maintained all Muslim traditions, especially related to the Shirazi tribal costumes coming from the ancient Persia. The transfer to the island on a typical boat leaves from the Mkokotoni fishermen village, where one of the most important fish auction sales in Unguja takes place.
You are allowed to visit the island only if you have the permission from 3 different authorities: the tourism office, the local police and the mayor of the Jongowe village, who will explain the hard life of fishermen. After the meeting the tour goes on visiting the main village, where you can observe the inhabitants of the island, their houses and work. Tumbatu is famous for the witchery: the Waganga, Bantu doctors, still use magic rituals to cure diseases, negativity and to make nature forces favourable. Meeting a witch doctor will be useful to understand their activities and importance in African societies.
After coming back to Mkokotoni, the excursion will bring you to Pwani Mchangani on the eastern coast for lunch and to relax on the beach. You can pay a visit to the local village and come back to Mangrove Lodge.

Rate - 30€ (all inclusive)


Village tour

It is advised to those who want to bone up on the local world at least for a day and get to know Zanzibar daily life, following a path far from the touristic places, respecting their costumes and traditions.
Starting time is at 8a.m., first stop will be at the bar in the village, where you will have a typical breakfast with the inhabitants in Chuini. Visit to the Catholic mission in Kitope where Sister Marina will guide you between the school and the hospital. Then you will discover the wood  and coconut handcraft in Kidimni and Mchangani villages.
Lunch is prepared by Zanzibar women and the guests will be involved in the preparation of spicy rice, coconut sauces, vegetables, beans and chapatti… That is a way to observe women’s costumes and activities, Ndagaa mud houses, children’s games and men’s relax after working in the fields. You will also visit the Muslim school where children learn the Koran and the mosque in Kiboje during prayer time.
You will come back to Mangrove Lodge on time to enjoy the sunset on the beach.

Rate - 25€ (all inclusive)

Safari Blue

The Safari Blue is one of the best excursions in Zanzibar, a perfect day out on a traditional sailing dhow, the typical local boat, with good food. Safari Blue starts from Fumba village, in the Menay Bay  - west coast of Unguja - where you’ll board a dhow to reach a wonderful sandbank, approachable only during low tide. Who loves snorkelling won’t be disappointed by the coral reef and marine diversity that surround the coast.
Then lunch in the peaceful island of Kwale, where an excellent mixed grilled fish and shellfish will be prepared and served directly on the beach.
After lunch you will take a walk to admire the hugest baobab in the island. In the afternoon you will explore the marvellous mangroves lagoon, hidden inside Kwale, where it’s possible to dive.

Rate - 30€ (all inclusive)

Northern Coast

This excursion will bring you to the two most impressive beaches of the island: Nungwi and Kendwa. The way to these beaches is beaten by several interesting stops. The first is at the Mkokotoni village, famous for the quaint fish auction. In front of the beach it is situated Tumbatu, the third for size of the Zanzibar islands:, it is well known for the tribal rites that still today take place.
Another stop is at the Fuckuchani School, where you can get in touch with the students.
At Nungwi you will take a visit to the local shipyard, where the masters of axes are involved in the fabric of the typical local boats Dhow and Ngalawa. After that, you can’t miss a visit to the sea turtles aquarium.
Relax and Zanzibar lunch will be on the coloured beach of Nungwi. In the afternoon you will reach the gorgeous beach of Kendwa, a perfect place for sun bathing and long walks on the tropical white sand.

Rate – 25€ (all inclusive)

Southern Coast

This tour will take you to the south of Zanzibar in the Kizimkazi Bay, from which you’ll sail and head off in search of the dolphins, the princes of the ocean. Then snorkelling just near the coral reef, whose structures ensure an abundant marine life.
Lunch at the Kizimkazi beach, in the afternoon you can rest and sunbathe on the white sand beach of Paje, where the tide offers an incredible coloured sight.
On the way home you can have a little stop in one of the inland villages, specialized in the woodcarving, to admire traditional craftsmen at work. Then a visit to Jozani forest, where you can enjoy the red monkeys (Red Colubus) peaceful live and acrobatics.

Rate - 30€ (park ticket not included)

The Three Wonders Corner

This excursion let you enjoy three marvels off Stone Town. From the city port you will sail on a dhow heading towards one of the most peaceful sandbank in Zanzibar. Snorkelling is recommended near the Bawe Island, where you can admire corals, tropical fishes and starfishes.
Lunch is prepared directly on the sand, an abundant mixed grilled seafood with lobsters, squids and octopus, and tropical fruits in the end.
In the afternoon a visit to the Changuu Island, also called Prison Island, famous for several reasons: the Giant Tortoises from Seychelles who live there, its prison once used for the confinement of refractory slaves and for the residence of  Rud Matheus, the captain of the sultan’s guards.
On the way home you can have an aperitif in one of the famous bars in Stone Town enjoying the sunset.

Rate - 30€ (all inclusive)

Stone Town Tour

You can’t miss a visit to the fascinating Stone Town, the cultural heart of Zanzibar, a city rich in history and a perfect fusion of cultures. You will be fascinated by just wandering through the labyrinth of alleyways, by the colourful markets, huge palaces and by the winding and narrow streets that will take you to the small exotic bazaars and local shops. You can still see the ancient pomp of what till the 19th century was the most important commercial crossroads in the Indian Ocean.
The first stop is at the lively city market followed then by a visit to the old Anglican Church, today located on the site of the old Slave Market. A glance at the House of Wonders, the ancient Sultan’s Palace, which is the hugest palace in Zanzibar and then a visit to the Ancient Arabic Fortress. A quick look at the native house of Freddy Mercury, the leader of the Quen band, and then free time for shopping and for a happy hour in the typical city bars. It is an enchanted look at the essence of Zanzibar.

Rate - 5€ (museum tickets not included)

Spices Tour

The spices tour is for nature lovers. A guided walk among the spice plantations will dazzle your senses with fresh spices and will satisfy your curiosity about the several kinds and uses of the spices, from the cinnamon to the true cardamom, from ginger to the lipstick tree. Being in Zanzibar, the perfume and spices homeland, you can’t miss a tour in the Stone Town countryside, where Mangrove Lodge is situated. Just near the Mangrove you can visit a wonderful garden with all the medicinal plants and spices and fruits typical of the island. Finally, you will visit the Kidichi Persian Baths that were built by the first sultan of Zanzibar, Sultan Seyyid bin Said, in 1849 for his wife Binte Irich Mirza, or you will visit the breathtaking Mangapwani beach instead.

Rate - 5€

Further excursions

On request further trips are organized in some other beautiful beaches in Zanzibar such as: Mangapwani, Kiwengwa and Matemwe and so on.

Special excursions

Safaris in Tanzania National Parks: Serengeti, Manyara Lake, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Selous, Ruha. Visit to Dar es Salaam. Market, craftsmen quarter, painter’s Cooperative, visit to Zanzibar school and to missions.

Special events

  • Happy hour in one bar of Stone Town and dinner at Forodhani Gardens
  • Disco night (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
  • Live music in Stone Town (Friday)
  • Full Moon Party on the wonderful Kendwa beach (a Saturday full moon)
  • Swahili Music Festival – Sauti za Busara (yearly in February)

Notes on rates

Excursion’s rates refer to high season (July-March) and to groups of six persons at least. For very large groups a discount is scheduled. In the low season (April-June) excursions can be organized as well, their rate will be fixed at the moment depending on the number of participants.
Children under 12 years benefit from a discount of 50%.

For special excursions and special events please email the Mangrove Lodge to: