Unguja: Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the name of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25-50 km off the coast of East Africa, which is part of Tanzania. Zanzibar is also the named to refer to the main island of the archipelago: Unguja.

It is the perfect place to relax after the safaris in the major national parks in Africa. It offers the travellers a variety of treasures: marvellous beaches, flourishing vegetation, people’s kindness, warmth and hospitality, a multi-ethnic culture originated from the ancient trade interwoven among Africans and Europeans, Arabs and Indians.
Zanzibar Town: Stone Town

The Mangrove Lodge is situated 15 km north of Zanzibar Town, the chief town. The most ancient part of the city is known as Stone Town, a typical Swahili merchant setting, a place where different cultures had met. With its fascinating lane, elegant palaces and lively street markets, in the year 2000, Stone Town got inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the west part of the island lies the tropical forest, where you can admire impressive trees like mango tree and spice plantations as clove and cinnamon, which make the archipelago famous all over the world.

The Mangrove lies in a strategic position. From the Lodge it’s easy to get to the sandy beaches or to the picturesque fishing villages for a day-trip. It is close to the ancient city and to the airport as well. The Mangrove provides a transfer service from and to the airport in only 20 minutes. Furthermore, the Lodge offers its 7 or 14-seater minibuses for excursions with or without guide.

Mawimbini Beach

The Mangrove Lodge is on the Mawimbini beach, between Fuji beach in the Bububu zone and Mangapwani, sadly known for the slaves trade. Not far from the beach the Chuini ruins can be admired, a palace once belonged to the Oman Sultan of Zanzibar.