Restaurant & Bar

The typical restaurant and the bar of the Mangrove Lodge look on a delicious mangrove bay from which at evening you can see seamen leaving with their fishing boats.

It’s a beautiful sight for such an airy and cool place. A relaxing lounge corner with cushions and lamps is dedicated to drinks during the day, appetizers before dinner and entertainment after dinner.

The main courses are served in an informal atmosphere and with background music. The kitchen offers traditional dishes with simple and fresh ingredients arriving daily from local producers.

Every day a rich buffet offers spiced tea and coffee together with fresh fruit juice, big trays full of tropical fruit, yoghurt with cereal, honey, cinnamon and local cakes. At table are served hot dishes like eggs and omelettes, butter and marmalade with a choice of local bread. Besides the common bread you can taste homemade chapati and maandazi as well.
If a salty breakfast is preferred we propose the traditional Zanzibar breakfast (on demand). It includes a slightly spicy chicken-soup ,(beef or octopus as well) together with meat and vegetables chapati, sambusa and kachori, spicy potato croquettes, fresh fruit and local sweets, the whole is served with milk tea and cinnamon.
Lunch and Dinner

The Lodge offers simple, tasty and well-prepared dishes with fresh ingredients arriving daily from local producers.

Menu includes fresh salads enriched with fish or tropical fruit and Italian style pasta, excellent with the catch of the day, fresh vegetables and local spices.

A marvellous variety of grilled seafood is always available. Larger size lobster, cliff lobster, big prawns and squids, filets of whole fish such as King fish and Red snapper. Octopus, another speciality of the island, is cooked in Zanzibar style, that is with coconut milk, an ingredient often used in the local recipes. As dessert fresh fruit and coffee are served. Water, soft drink or beer and coffee are included. The special price for this rich dish is 35$.

If you’d like ethnical flavour and you’d like to discover the typical Swahili dishes, the Mangrove kitchen proposes fish and meat, vegetables and legumes in coconut sauce, flavoured with curry, marsala, chilli pepper and ginger.
The menu also includes Indian dishes, pilau and biriani the typical spicy rice, ugali a maize-porridge with tasty sauces, mishkaki kebab of spicy meat and fish. The bananas are baked in coconut milk; the green bananas are served with meat, while the yellow ones, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, are served as dessert.

The Daily Menu for lunch and dinner is given every morning. For any particular request the kitchen staff is always on hand. Moreover it’s possible to choose among the courses from the Special Menu with booking and extra charge.