The Mangrove Lodge’s Covid-19 Standard Operating Protocols


The Zanzibar Government has declared the island free of coronavirus and safe for guests. Nevertheless, it has required new procedures and emphasized common standards, applied by the Mangrove Lodge as listed below. 

However, we’d like to emphasize that Mangrove Lodge is perfectly and naturally set for physical distancing, as it includes wide open spaces, lush garden and big sunny pool area. Rooms are spacious, airy and well ventilated. You can fully enjoy your stay, without worrying about being infected and let the sun improve your immune system and well being.


  • Hand Sanitizer is provided in common areas, restrooms and on demand.
  • On the Pool and Beach areas, Loungers are spaced at 2mt or (6ft) between groups of two, unless more guests are sharing the same room. The concentration of disinfectant in the pool is checked daily and maintained in the recommended level.
  • At the Bar & Restaurant tables are spaced at least 2 mt (6ft) or more and always sanitized before use.
  • Daily disinfection of the common areas (for guests and staff) and surfaces, in particular high touch surfaces (doorknobs and handles, switches, tables and chairs, washrooms, menu).
  • Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before the passengers enter. The drivers wear mask and the safe distance of 1mt is maintained in the vehicle.
  • Check in-out procedures include proper ventilation, cleaning and disinfection, time between check in-out is extended.
  • Housekeeping service is minimized and not compulsory within 3 days of stay (it’s up on guests).

The Mangrove Lodge would appreciate all guests for their collaboration, keeping social distancing in common areas, washing and sanitising hands before coming to the restaurant and common areas. Temperature checks will be performed if needed.

We’d be thankful for your understanding, tolerance and positive vibe and any given suggestions. Not only we’ll be glad to hear from you, but also please feel free to ask for anything you may need for your comfort during your stay.

Download Mangrove Lodge C19 complete SOP | Download Zanzibar COVID 19 SOP

Regarding our Staff

Staff is trained on cleaning and sanitation routine, a temperature check is performed before every shift.

In addition, Service staff are recommended to use protective gear during their duties when necessary. Wash hands frequently with soap and running water for at least 20 secs and avoid touching face, nose, eyes and mouth.

Staff is required to avoid body contact, shaking hands and practice social distancing (1.5mt or 5 ft).