Secret Garden, Chill-out Area & Mangrove Bay

When you open the traditional wooden front door, you will be embraced by the colourful and exotic leaves and blossoms of the tropical garden.

Impressive old mango and palm trees, beautiful Indian almonds, jack fruits, avocados, cinnamon, star fruit and many other native species. Every day from sunset lemurs called bush babies, jump from tree to tree and night insects enliven the garden create a natural orchestra to lullaby you to sleep.

Frangipani, bougainvillea, hibiscus, ylang ylang, fragrant night jasmine, yellow lantern flowers, cardamom, palm oil and banana plants attracting birds and butterflies. Watch them loop as you enjoy your early morning coffee.   

Our garden offers a haven to escape, with chill out areas and a stunning view of the mangrove bay and the Chuini palace ruins, that once belonged to the Sultan Barghash. Nestled amongst the different shades of green, you can enjoy a sense of serenity. The calmness nurtures you as the sunlight filters through the trees above, feel the fresh sea breeze while taking in the vibrant colours and sounds of nature.

Comfortable couch-like beds are perfect for taking a break after a day of exploring, sit in a pretty nook to read or practice yoga at dawn and also allow you to enjoy the changing scenery as the tide seamlessly goes in and out filling and emptying the mangrove bay with water. Eleven types of baby mangroves trees live in a unique bio-diversity area that acts as a natural filter of the salty sea water on the bay.

In the low tide, observe the boat builders using traditional methods to repairs wooden dhows and ngalawas. In high tide, watch the fishermen getting ready to leave the natural marina, or returning with their catch. In very high tide, enjoy the view of kids jumping off the bridge and dive happily. The only time when the mangrove bay’s silence is broken.

Five on nine types of baby mangroves trees can be easily seen in our small site. They get flooded by seawater, from twice a day to twice a month or at very high tides and, like a drowned forest, they offer hiding places and food to a range of animals, a unique bio-diversity area that acts as a natural filter of the salty sea water on the bay.

Feel transformed after a few days at Mangrove Lodge. Switch off from the world. Eat, play and relax exactly the way you want to. And if the relaxing is too much there’s plenty to do. We hope you feel at home as much as we do. Did you know? Physical and mental shifts happen after spending time in nature. Green therapy improves moods, increases self-esteem, motivates, lowers the pulse rate and blood pressure, reduces stress and levels of cortisol.