Project Description

Spice Tour, a walk in a lush scented garden

Awaken your senses as you walk through the spice gardens with your knowledgeable guide, Mr. Spice Abeid and discover how herbs, spices and fruits are cultivated. You’ll smell and taste a variety of tropical fruits and spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and jackfruit. Learn their uses and have a cooking lesson with the women of the farm, before enjoying a traditional Swahili lunch, the freshest curry you may ever try, happiness in a bowl.

A “must see” in Zanzibar, the spice business has been economically significant for the island since Arabs and Indians introduced them. How spices are traditionally used in medicine, cosmetics, cooking and as aphrodisiacs will be explained to you. You will see how to climb a coconut tree, one of the most important activities of the past and taste seasonal fruit.