Responsible code of conduct

As part of your stay at Mangrove we wish you an enjoyable holiday while making peace with the environment around you. It is important for us to make as little negative impact and as much positive impact on both the culture and the environment of Chuini as possible.

As a guest in our lodge we’d like you to enjoy the natural beauty around you as it is! 

For your part in helping to save and restore Zanzibar we only ask that you refrain from littering, or leaving unrecyclable materials on the island. Waste management is a big issue at the moment on the island. Please also leave the beach life on the beach.

Enjoy the rich Zanzibari culture. While experiencing local culture and religions, we would like to emphasise patience and tolerance for their style and rhythm, in particular when working. Greetings in Zanzibar are very important (they usually last several minutes and must be done before any other conversation commences); go outside the lodge properly dressed, ask before you take pictures of people, respect the month of Ramadhan and try to bargain when you buy something.

There are many types of animals we share the land with. Each type of animal and insect plays a vital part in the ecosystem of the mangrove, from the beautiful birds, adorable bush babies – in Kiswahili called Komba – and our big lizards called Guru Guru to the multitude of spiders and ants.

The rooms are clean, we keep the insects to the minimum within the bungalows, but we wish to emphasise that the insects you do see are not dangerous or unclean. Please remember to close the front door of your bungalow and not to leave sweet foods open inside. If you see a gecko, be grateful that it is reducing the mosquitos around you, if you see a line of ants, observe their amazing cooperation skills, and merely step over them. If you have a specific phobia, please advise us and we will assist in any way we can. You can also use this as an opportunity to conquer some of your fears!

Inspired by the ideology of sustainable tourism, the lodge found itself naturally compliant with most of the criteria for the respect of environment and community, and creation of opportunities and employment for the villagers. In 2014 the Responsible Tourism Association in Tanzania awarded the lodge for our efforts.