Our Philosophy

Eco-friendly, economically conscious and socially responsible

Every decision is made measuring the costs and benefits to the environment and as hosts and guests, we can both make sound choices. We are promoting and spread awareness on a shift in life-style, feeling that disrespecting nature is no longer acceptable, enjoying it is instead needed! We are also willing to hear from you, should you like to suggest ways to become greener and push for a further change.

We aim to protect and preserve our surrounding nature, respecting the native flowers, fruit trees, lush vegetation and all living beings; butterflies, birds, bees, funny bugs and sweet bush babies that come out at sunset.

Construction is made conserving the environment, using only natural materials, locally sourced, when not easily damageable. Debris is reused and never thrown away.

Grey water is collected by septic tanks far from the ocean.

Garbage is separated for recycling and composting purposes.

Beach clean-ups are part of our staff’s daily routine, as unfortunately we have experienced a steady decline of waste.

Aiming to a zero-waste management, we have a free water refillable dispenser in the restaurant that has helped us to drastically reduce plastic bottles; only recyclable bottles and reusable straws for drinks are allowed at the lodge.

Locally made and sourced soaps, detergents and of course food are used rather than imported goods. No plastic and no packaging as much as possible.

Little effort for a big impact also in reducing consumption as much as we can. We believe in good through a sustainable standard of comfort, also appropriate and possible for a developing country; promoting a conscious use of the resources of the territory, like water, energy and fish. Reusing materials, like wood for tables and wardrobes, jam jars as drinking glasses, all containers in the kitchen are also few examples of our dedicated effort to the protection of our environment aimed for the lowest negative impact.  

Mangrove Lodge also naturally bonds with the local community, businesses and projects, since Haji’s family was one of the village founders. As he is well-known in Chuini, the goal is to leave a positive impact to all those who have helped since the beginning. From the construction where only local craftwork was used, bricklayers, carpenters and tailors. We rely on local suppliers: women from the villages for baked goods, Zanzibari fishermen and butchers, local shopkeepers instead of big chains and supermarkets. We prefer to hire from within our village or surrounding areas when possible.

We encourage guests to learn about the local culture through social exchanges, guided village and city tours, traditional activities or just listen to Haji’s stories about Zanzibar. A visit to the local dispensary and school to truly connect and find a sense of kinship. We highly support responsible travel as a tool to open the mind, self-education, mutual tolerance and to learn about differences between people and cultures and their diversity.