Project Description

Stone Town Tour: History, culture and lifestyle 

Don’t miss a visit to the enchanting Stone Town, the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar, a perfect fusion of cultures and Unesco World Heritage site. Till the 19th century it was the most important commercial crossroad in the Indian Ocean.

Be guided through the windy narrow streets of Stone Town. While taking in the interesting mix of Swahili, Indian & Arabian cultures, learn of Zanzibar’s rich history. You’ll hear about the sultans, slavery, traditional crafts, politics and more. Starting from the busy Darajani market and maybe finish off with a spot of shopping in Shangani, Gizenga and Hurumzi Street. A visit to the Anglican Church, the former Slave Market site, a glance to the House of Wonders, the ancient Sultan’s Palace, and to the Old Arab Fortress. Become curious of a different lifestyle: buy fruit and spices at the market and local fabric, sip a Zanzibarian coffee and taste kashata in Jaws corner, greet children running out of school, listen to the story of a rasta man and do not forget a refreshing tropical juice or a delicious italian ice cream with local ingredients. 

You can wander in town until late and enjoy a beautiful sunset while sipping a drink in a rooftop bar. And for dinner, stop in one of the either local or luxury restaurant or from 6pm try Zanzibar’s street food at the Forodhani Garden market. Live music before and after dinner in some bar and restaurant.